"My other contractor told me that couldn't be done."

My response?  Exactly.

The picture (to the left), is the front of a postcard that we created for a direct mailing.  I think it pretty well sums up my feelings on our residential projects.  So often, I walk through a new house and see awful drywall work, loose, poorly fitted interior trim and hastily hung doors.   I see materials that are so cheap, I am surprised they survived the showing from the realtor, much less years of family life.  I consider the lack of quality of some residential construction and I can't help but think it has contributed to the current slump in housing values.


What do you do?  As a prospective client, I encourage you to be discerning.  Get more than one estimate.  And remember, the least expensive option is rarely the best.  Ask for referrals.  Whether you are shopping for a designer, a decorator, or a  contractor, take the time to learn the difference between professionals. 


So, What's the 615 Designs difference?  Envision a team with the creativity of a true artist, the skill of a finely honed craftsman, a  team with a can-do attitude, and an organization that, as a whole, takes more pride in what they do than any you've likely encountered.  Like the sound of that?  So do I. 

"These guys can absolutely build anything.  They're incredible."

-Cindy, residential client

What else?  We employ a certified master electrician, and a licensed plumber.  This alone will eliminate huge logistical problems that occur on many projects.  We are familiar with the most modern construction techniques and designs.  While one concrete contractor builds a sidewalk, we turn concrete into art, building some of the most beautiful countertops, bars and floors you've ever seen.  Most residential contractors shy away from working with metal.  Metal does what we say.  We have created entire metal walls with water running across them.  And, that's just the beginning.

The updating of our web site has afforded me the opportunity to look back over 615 Designs' body of work from the past few years and really appreciate what has been accomplished.  I invite you to tour our portfolio.  You've already taken the first step.  Discover , for yourself, the 615 Designs difference.  I think you'll like what you find.

Megan Kline, Director of Operations

Have a comment or question, feel free to email me personally at megan@615designs.com.

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